I don't usually do senior portraits! This one was so much fun though. Mason is a really great kid and made me realize that the thing I end up realizing when I hang out with 17-year-olds is just exactly how old I AM.

OK, 33 isn't old. But I've lived compared to a high school senior. So, because I don't do many of these, I'm not always tuned-in to the vibe of high school kids. I can't relate to them when most of what I want to talk about is my (second) wife and kids (and step-kids!).

But Mason was charismatic and caring and genuinely a great person. Interested in me, just as I was in him. I had so much fun in the end, got to ride in Mason's 1995 square-headlight Jeep (eye roll), and got to get out of the house on a BEAUTIFUL Sunday evening!