Roll One: Stephanie and Michael

Roll One: Stephanie and Michael

My "Roll One" sessions are pretty straightforward. We're getting high on one single roll of medium-format 120 roll film shot with my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. That means this is 6x7 format, so 10 frames. Ten. Frames. Only.

How's that for a challenge?

My clients pay for the film and processing, and I push myself to the creative limit to not waste any frames. Every frame wasted is money wasted.

I've been learning which types of film I like best and I have to say, for color I'm having a seriously hard time finding anything that comes close to Portra 160. Ektar is probably the only thing I like nearly as much, but it's unforgiving with skin tones. Overexpose a little? Redness. Like crazy. But when you hit Ektar dead on? It's vibrant and gorgeous. I'll refine my process and get better with it, but until then Portra 160 leaves me wanting for almost nothing.

For black and white I really love the classic Tri-X 400, but I have to say I'm not 100% convinced it's the go-to black and white film for me. I'll be experimenting with Ilford films more going forward.

Enough enough... what do I have for you today?

This is a "Roll One" session for Stephanie and her beau Michael. Downtown Grand Rapids, MI. Portraits. God, I love them. Without further ado...

No edits. Straight from Richard Photo Lab scans.











Tyler Kuiper

Tyler Kuiper

Grand Rapids, MI