Photo Story: Ghosts of Moto Release the Underground EP

Photo Story: Ghosts of Moto Release the Underground EP

Venue: Pyramid Scheme.

City: Grand Rapids, MI.

Artists: Fukushima Daisies, Lokella, Ghosts of Moto.

Photography by: Tyler Steimle.

I came away believing in the Underground, capital U. Full stop.

Three of the musically strongest, most passionate, and heaviest Grand Rapids bands came together on a single night to preach the gospel.

I don't want this to be a concert review. That's not what I do here with my photo stories. I'd rather show what happened and leave you to enjoy the images and take your own interpretation from them. However, I happen to know most of these musicians personally as both friends and acquaintances. The Grand Rapids music scene is a special family. It's smaller than you'd think and more people know each other than you think.

The music industry doesn't sniff our town.

Touring acts don't pick up local openers anymore.

Fuck 'em.

In my world, music is about art and community coming together. Shared love of love and art and music and support. Support. Support is a glossed over and abused word. I don't believe someone should support something for the sake of it. I like to think of the support we give to each other as humans, emotionally. When one of us is battling a mental illness, going through a breakup, at odds with everyone in their family. When an amp blows, a string breaks, or a light goes out and our hearts go dark and silent for them.

We come together, closer. Closer.

We are family and this is how we get down and rock the fuck out together. This night, Chris Cooney and Moto showed us the way home.

Fukushima Daisies