So in my backlog of film shot and on deck to be processed when I had the money were these 35mm shots of my good friends in Citizen Keen (formerly Four Lincolns).

This set came from a shoot months and months ago when I had a roll of JCH Street Pan 400 black and white film in my Nikon F2.

All shots taken with the Nikon 28mm f/2.8 AIS lens, which was the ONLY lens I rocked on my Nikon F2 for the better part of a year.

I love the mood of these shots. Street Pan turned out to be a great film. I shot it at box speed and had it developed by my good friend Daniel Collins here in Grand Rapids, MI. It's very sharp, very contrasty, and has a decent amount of grain. It's a bit expensive though compared to my usual Tri-X 400 or HP5 at about $10 per roll.

I'd like to try the 120 version of this film and find out where this particular stock fits in my style. It's just not affordable enough to be a daily shooter, but I really do love it and I hope you enjoy the images as well.

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