Grand Rapids Photographer, Tyler J. Steimle, recently worked up the gumption in the post-coital glow of all these 2018 New Year's resolutions to do something no other millennial with a camera and an Instagram account has, probably, thought to do. He has started a blog.

He has started a blog.

Steimle envisions this blog as the missing piece in his Internet presence that will officially make him "go viral," leading to untold Internet fame and, hopefully, fortune.

"I'm really hoping to be able to get a Hasselblad endorsement out of this," said Steimle. "I mean, those things are really expensive. But if one of my blogs goes viral maybe I could get an endorsement or a Squarespace ad buy. Who knows? This could lead to anything, really..."

Grand Rapids Photographer Tyler Steimle_Coffee-Face_by David Chandler Photo