Tyler Kuiper is a writer, software developer, photographer, and musician with many works in various stages of production.

Current stati...


  • Interviews & Reporting
  • Opinion
  • Album reviews
  • Adventures in Software Development (Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS, Drupal)
  • Photo stories (Film, Digital, Hybrid, Composite, Fine-Art, Photojournalism)
  • Creative (Poetry, Lyric, Fiction, Screen)

Software Developer

  • Senior Front End Developer with VMLY&R
  • Web & Social Media Strategist for Barrel Bones
  • Personal projects, in development


  • Cities on Film, personal project
  • Musicians of Michigan, personal project
  • Dark Web, personal project
  • Roll One, personal project


  • Songwriter / Engineer / Producer, upcoming solo EP and various singles
  • Producer, debut EP for Jillian Claire
  • Producer, upcoming release from Melissa Dylan
  • Songwriter, collaboration in-progress with Alicia Scott

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Or finding anything. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ Bob Dylan